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Quick Facts About Sash Windows that You Might Not Know


Quite a large number of homes across Australia feature sash windows. For the uninitiated, these traditional wooden windows are a common sight in vintage and heritage homes. They comprise two sashes (or panels), which slide up and down. These panels typically form frames that can hold several panes of glass. Weights attached to cords serve to counterbalance the sashes over pulleys. Manufacturers of these windows design them in such a manner that these windows slid up and down along fixed tracks aligned to the wall with minimal fuss. In addition, you will be able to clean or decorate these windows easily by changing the positions of the upper and lower sash as well.

What Are Double Hung Sash Windows?

In the UK, people use the terms ‘sash window’ and ‘box sash window’ interchangeably. In Australia, the term ‘double hung sash window’ is more common. All the three terms, however, refer to the same kind of window. Double hung sash windows denote double hung windows that feature two sashes, which can move up and down in the window frame. These windows serve to facilitate the even flow of air throughout the house. Thus, it is hardly surprising that they are the windows of choice in Marrickville and the adjoining areas.

How Did These Windows Come into Being?

Not many people will be aware of the fact that sash windows have been around since the seventeenth century. Experts opine that the oldest surviving examples of these windows exist in England. These windows date back to the 1670s. Some people consider Robert Hooke, an English scientist and architect, as being the inventor of these windows. In their view, this London surveyor came up with the design of these windows during the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666. Other individuals feel that these windows were a Dutch invention. And, some people feel that these windows were an advanced version of the simpler horizontal sliding sash, called the Yorkshire sash.

What Makes These Windows So Popular in Marrickville and Other Places in Australia?

One of the biggest advantages of double hung sash windows is that they cool the interiors superbly. This trait makes them invaluable in places that experience a lot of warm weather. If you were to open the top and the bottom of these windows in equal measures, the warm air at the top of the room would escape outside, while letting in the relatively cooler air from outside through the bottom section. Such an arrangement is ideal for the Australian climate.

In addition, the styles of sash windows suit older style, heritage buildings. But, they also look good in structures that are more contemporary and modern – including beachside and country homes. Unlike other window styles, you can adjust the opening of these windows. Moreover, these windows will not distort under their weight because they hang vertically rather than from the side. This quality makes these windows highly durable. It is worth mentioning that some renovators can restore these windows too. So, you can bring your old sash windows back to their former glory instead or replacing them.

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