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3 Key Benefits of Operable Skylights

Operable skylights can instantly make any of your rooms look more spacious, bright and stylish. It can bring natural light into a dark and dingy kitchen; add spectacular views to your attic room or brightness to your bathroom. Apart from offering a cutting-edge functionality, operable skylights can also help you save some serious money in the long-run.

Adding a skylight to your rooms does not need any extensive renovation. Most often, the job can be accomplished within a couple of days. So, get ready to experience some amazing benefits of having operable skylights in your home.

1. Save Money and Energy with Operable Skylights

By installing a skylight, you can brighten up any space in your home with natural light. Though operable skylights are a little costlier than fixed ones, they can make a world of difference in your comfort.

You can control an operable skylight using several methods to precisely suit your needs. It allows more sunshine to flow into your rooms in colder months and that means reduced utility bills. In summer, it provides a cooling effect, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

2. Operable Skylights: Natural Light Makes You Happier and Healthier

In presence of natural light, our brain secretes a hormone called ‘Serotonin’. Serotonin is known to boost mood and reduce pain. In sunlight, our body also produces another hormone called ‘endorphins’ – probably the most well-known ‘feel good hormone’. So, when you’re feeling down, all you have to do is head to your room fitted with a skylight, and you’ll get relaxed and energized instantly.

3. Operable Skylights Add Value to Your Property

Similar to other high-end accessories like horizontal bi-fold doors and sliding glass doors, operable skylights also integrate indoors and outdoors to deliver an unmatched experience to the occupants.

Even buyers are ready to shell out more for a home fitted with operable skylights. Natural light can make the rooms appear spacious and clutter-free. This is something that buyers like in their new home you can further improve the value of your home with a little investment and install products such as steel staircases, sash windows and steel windows for a high ROI.

We invite you to take a look at our projects including installation of skylights, steel doors, steel staircases and steel furniture. To know more about our services, get in touch with one of our experts at L’Officina by Vincenzo today!

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