Refining Architectural Design Solutions

At By Vincenzo we’re dedicated to enhancing architectural design through European craftsmanship, with you as our top priority. As a design and manufacturing firm specialising in metal engineering solutions, we proudly create bespoke solutions that bridge European luxury with the discerning Australian market. From doors and windows to staircases and furniture, our masterpieces reflect rich Italian craftsmanship, meticulously crafted for you. Our commitment goes beyond manufacturing – we’re here to connect you with the finest architectural elements including luxury fenestration, to elevate your space.

Vincenzo Botte


our projects in motion — from construction to completion

our projects in motion 

What we envision and create

What we envision and create

Windows & Doors

Rethink your windows with the perfect combination of aesthetics, efficiency, and technique.


Nobody does stairs in its full sophistication and technicality like we do.

Architectural Elements

Crafted fittings enhance aesthetics and structural integrity.

Marrying the best of traditions with continuous innovation


Redefining Sydney’s Barangaroo Area

When superb aesthetics meet utmost function in the Matt Moran’s now iconic Barangaroo House


Connecting Australia with European Luxury

By Vincenzo has partnered with innovative European and Australian suppliers to ensure you have access to the finest in architectural elements.

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