Quick Facts About Sash Windows that You Might Not Know


Quite a large number of homes across Australia feature sash windows. For the uninitiated, these traditional wooden windows are a common sight in vintage and heritage homes. They comprise two sashes (or panels), which slide up and down. These panels typically form frames that can hold several panes of glass. Weights attached to cords serve to counterbalance the sashes over pulleys. Manufacturers of these windows design them in such a manner that these windows slid up and down along fixed tracks aligned to the wall with minimal fuss. In addition, you will be able to clean or decorate these windows easily by changing the positions of the upper and lower sash as well.

What Are Double Hung Sash Windows?

In the UK, people use the terms ‘sash window’ and ‘box sash window’ interchangeably. In Australia, the term ‘double hung sash window’ is more common. All the three terms, however, refer to the same kind of window. Double hung sash windows denote double hung windows that feature two sashes, which can move up and down in the window frame. These windows serve to facilitate the even flow of air throughout the house. Thus, it is hardly surprising that they are the windows of choice in Marrickville and the adjoining areas.

How Did These Windows Come into Being?

Not many people will be aware of the fact that sash windows have been around since the seventeenth century. Experts opine that the oldest surviving examples of these windows exist in England. These windows date back to the 1670s. Some people consider Robert Hooke, an English scientist and architect, as being the inventor of these windows. In their view, this London surveyor came up with the design of these windows during the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666. Other individuals feel that these windows were a Dutch invention. And, some people feel that these windows were an advanced version of the simpler horizontal sliding sash, called the Yorkshire sash.

What Makes These Windows So Popular in Marrickville and Other Places in Australia?

One of the biggest advantages of double hung sash windows is that they cool the interiors superbly. This trait makes them invaluable in places that experience a lot of warm weather. If you were to open the top and the bottom of these windows in equal measures, the warm air at the top of the room would escape outside, while letting in the relatively cooler air from outside through the bottom section. Such an arrangement is ideal for the Australian climate.

In addition, the styles of sash windows suit older style, heritage buildings. But, they also look good in structures that are more contemporary and modern – including beachside and country homes. Unlike other window styles, you can adjust the opening of these windows. Moreover, these windows will not distort under their weight because they hang vertically rather than from the side. This quality makes these windows highly durable. It is worth mentioning that some renovators can restore these windows too. So, you can bring your old sash windows back to their former glory instead or replacing them.

For the best sash windows in Marrickville and the neighbouring areas, consult the experts at L’Officina by Vincenzo. Our proficiency in steel enables us to produce some of the finest masterpieces in the industry. We can make your dream designs a stunning reality. For more information, click here.


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Easy Weatherproofing Steps for Your Sliding Glass Doors

sliding steel glass door sliding glass door


Replacing regular entry doors with sliding glass doors has become quite common nowadays. Sliding doors do not just open up your living spaces superbly. They make a stylish statement too. These doors come in various patterns and hardware finishes. As a result, you could customise them to create a more personalised look that complements your existing space perfectly. Nowadays, these glass doors are available with Energy Star certifications too. Thus, they will make your homes energy-efficient and comfortable too.

Why You Need to Weatherproof Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors can suit almost any living space in your home perfectly. However, these doors could leave your home open to the elements. For instance, it is quite common for small stones and debris to accumulate in the sliding glass channels. Pushing the door over these stones could raise the door in the track. The small crevices created will result in drafts and energy loss. To eliminate these occurrences, ensure that you vacuum within the door’s channels regularly,

Similarly, glass is not a good insulator. Hence, when used in sliding doors, glass enables the escape of heat. On hot days, it could facilitate the entry of solar energy indoors. Makers of steel doors and windows face similar issues as well. So, they apply weather stripping and spray foam insulation around the door jamb and beneath the door to eliminate drafts. To achieve a similar effect in sliding doors with glass, consider purchasing doors with low-emissivity (low-E) glass. This kind of glass features a special coating that prevents energy from radiating through the glass.

Insulate Your Sliding Glass Doors with Rubber Compression Strips

Professional door and window installers use adhesive-backed rubber compression strips for weatherproofing doors and windows. These strips comprise neoprene rubber. Thus, they are both moisture and chemical resistant. Moreover, these strips will not contract in cold conditions. The installers will cut these strips to fit the length of the sliding door channel. These strips will serve to add airproof seals in the channel and around the sash of the sliding door.

Weather Stripping Makes Steel Doors and Sliding Doors Weatherproof with Minimal Fuss

The installation of brush fin or fin seal weatherstripping can make your sliding doors weatherproof. Install the weather stripping between your sliding doors to eliminate the loss of energy. Brush fin and fin seal weatherstripping comprise synthetic brush filaments that restrict the flow of air in gaps between the sliding doors. Moreover, the fin seal adds a Mylar ridge embedded in the brush. This serves to form an additional seal.

Purchase Window Insulation Kits to Prevent Energy Loss through Your Sliding Doors

If you’re finding that your sliding glass doors are facilitating the loss of energy, you will do well to purchase window insulation kits. These kits feature a plastic polymer called shrink wrap, which shrinks when exposed to heat. For installing these, simply cut the plastic sheet to fit your sliding door. Use the double-sided tape provided in the kit to secure the plastic to the door frame. Thereafter, heat the surface with a hairdryer. The plastic sheet will shrink and compress to create an energy-efficient barrier.

When you need energy-efficient and stylish steel doors or staircases, think of L’Officina by Vincenzo. We offer customised and innovative design solutions. Our rich steel artisanship will enable you to turn your dream designs into reality. Click here to view some of our projects.


If you would like to check out some of our works, take a look at some of the videos we have ready for your viewing.

On Selecting Your Steel Staircase

steel staircase


Perhaps you’re one of the many who want to break away from the traditional to contemporary. Whether it’s the overall architectural design of your house or a specific area, you can definitely make a statement in your steel staircase piece. Here are other reasons why a steel staircase is your best selection:


Steel material is known for its strength feature and if you are looking for a dependable staircase for your newly-built home, then a steel staircase is the best option to consider. Steel being durable as compared to wood has the ability to withstand all kinds of weather and will not be exposed to damage due to termites and warping.


Another awesome benefit of using steel staircase for your home is its versatility. A steel staircase can be installed both for indoor and outdoor use. A steel staircase can serve as entry point to a home’s extension or deck.

Varied designs

The availability of designs that you can choose from when designing custom-made steel staircases are massive. You can even come up with your very own intricate design to suit your home’s structure and interior. Combine steel with other materials such as glass and wood to boost your home’s elegant appeal—go as creative as you want.

Wise investment

If you compute the money you get to save in the future for having your staircase constructed from steel, you’ll absolutely make a wise investment. Steel requires easy care and maintenance. You don’t need to buy special cleaning products to maintain its glossy look. Imagine the amount of money you will save and the fact that you won’t need to replace it if proper care is observed.

Easy maintenance

As previously mentioned, a steel staircase can cope with any weather condition and won’t be prone to damage. A well-structured staircase made from quality steel can remain at its best condition even when installed in hot or humid areas of the home. When it comes to cleaning the dirt brought by heavy traffic and continuous holding of the handrails, you just need a clean damp cloth and all these unwanted traces can be easily removed.

Browse through our website for a wide range of steel doors, steel windows or steel furniture pieces or get in touch with us today to discuss your steel staircase requirements.


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Sliding Glass Doors and Why They Work Best For You

Sliding glass doors


There are many types and designs to choose from when it comes to doors. Here are a few factors why you should be considering sliding glass doors whether it’s for residential or commercial building designs.

Effective insulators

Sliding doors made from top quality glass can be effective insulators in keeping the home warm during winter months; and cooler as the hot weather shoots in summer. Architects often recommend to their clients sliding doors because they are built with composite gaskets which is essential in protecting the residential or commercial space from external elements brought by a weather condition such as rain, heat, moist including dust particles. Aside from being regarded as thermal insulators, sliding doors can be customised to have sound barrier feature to reduce the noise from the outside come inside.

Panoramic view

One of the irresistible features of sliding glass doors is they offer panoramic view with their see-through glasses. So, if you want to enjoy the sight of your well-maintained garden the moment you wake up, you can benefit from a home design with sliding doors that have indoor and outdoor flow.

Maximum safety

Safety first, and if your major concern when using sliding glass doors is the safety against unwanted intruders like burglars or wild animals, you can request for a shatterproof feature for your windows and sliding doors’ glasses.

Space saver

Unlike doors that occupy space when left opened, sliding glass doors consume less space if at all. With sliding doors, you simply need to glide it to open while a door it needs to be swung open.


If you prefer having natural light during daytime rather than using too much electricity, sliding glass doors would be an excellent option to save money on electric bills. Aside from that, if you have sliding doors built with fitted gaskets, they will serve as insulation to maintain the heat inside during winter; and coolness during summer.

Variety of designs

Architects highly recommend sliding doors when designing homes for picky clients because they have a variety of designs to choose from, including the materials to be used. In fact, the sliding glass door can be designed to match the architectural design and structure of a home or commercial building.

Installing sliding glass doors would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also offer other necessities that are important to you—whether it’s being eco-friendly, energy-efficient, safe, and at the same time functional. For more creative designs for your windows and doors, feel free to browse through our website www.byvincenzo.com and get to know more about our wide range of products from steel doors, horizontal bi-fold doors to the classy windows (sash windows, guillotine windows and steel windows).


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Steel Doors: Low Maintenance and High on Security

steel doors

A strongly built steel door depicts of fine taste, especially if the design shows more of the architectural expertise of the architect handling the project. Aside from the aesthetic appeal that a steel door has to offer, the durability of steel assures owners of added safety against unwanted intrusion. Among the other features of steel doors is their ability to control fire.

Here are more reasons why professionals (architects, engineers and builders) in the construction industry choose steel doors:

Long-term investment

Anything made from steel is expected to provide longer years of service. As with a newly-constructed commercial or industrial building with steel doors customised, the owner may consider this a long-term investment. Unlike other materials used for doors, steel when used as main material is very cost-effective. For example, wood absorbs moisture, exposing it to peeling, fading, warping, and damage. Using wooden doors may have you looking for replacement quicker than desired. With steel doors, you may be able to cut down cost on utility bills because steel can provide effective insulation.

Maximum safety and security

This is why architects and engineers prefer steel doors: for maximum safety and security. A steel door can be custom-made to have the fire-resistant feature which is crucial in commercial and industrial buildings. In case of a fire, steel doors have the ability to control the fire for approximately 20 minutes. Steel doors are also specifically designed to prevent intruders from having a quick or easy access. Steel doors can also come in bulletproof and chemical-resistant features.

Low maintenance

Steel is regarded as among the strongest materials, thus the in-demand production of steel doors, steel windows and steel furniture. They have low maintenance requirements and aren’t prone to cracking and bowing. With regards to rust formation, proper care is needed such as coating the steel doors with primer and paint.

For more information, feel free to browse our website www.byvincenzo.com and learn more about our innovative steel craftsmanship.


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SYDNEY BUILD 2018: Highlights and Forecast Trends

Sydney, AustraliaL’officina by Vincenzo made time to check out this year’s Sydney Build Expo held recently on March 15-16 at the Royal Hall of Industries. We’ve rounded up some highlights and forecast trends in the industry to watch out for:

  • On adapting to the demanding and fast-paced setting of technology. In the context of making the switch to mobile, more and more companies are exploring if not, already jumped to try and embrace options when it comes to closing the gap in digital divide. Whether it’s going paperless or aggressively adapting systems that lean towards that, a speaker during the event posted it as a question: In five years, are you going to be the construction company like Blockbuster or like Netflix? Simply put, evolve with the times. Adapt to the consumers’ needs.


  • On emerging trends in developments, designs, and built form. As per Emily Mudge, Icon Co.’s Manager for Health, Government, & Institution Sector, there’ll be more integration of aged care facilities in student areas in the next few years. By then, it’ll be interesting to see this kind of synergy when it comes to the aging population being aggressively integrated in community living.


  • On the rise of engineered-timber products. Senior Structural Engineer of ACOR Consultants of Fred Moshiri discussed the pros of timber products, as such being prefabricated off-site, simple to screw together, quicker to build, less on-site labour, easy electrical and plumbing fit-out, and less wasteful and noisy on site.



Sydney Build is a construction exhibition focused on projects and opportunities in Sydney and New South Wales, and attended by architects, developers, contractors, designers, engineers, construction managers, builders, tradies, planning managers, and the like.

3 Key Benefits of Operable Skylights

operable skylights

Operable skylights can instantly make any of your rooms look more spacious, bright and stylish. It can bring natural light into a dark and dingy kitchen; add spectacular views to your attic room or brightness to your bathroom. Apart from offering a cutting-edge functionality, operable skylights can also help you save some serious money in the long-run.

Adding a skylight to your rooms does not need any extensive renovation. Most often, the job can be accomplished within a couple of days. So, get ready to experience some amazing benefits of having operable skylights in your home.

1. Save Money and Energy with Operable Skylights

By installing a skylight, you can brighten up any space in your home with natural light. Though operable skylights are a little costlier than fixed ones, they can make a world of difference in your comfort.

You can control an operable skylight using several methods to precisely suit your needs. It allows more sunshine to flow into your rooms in colder months and that means reduced utility bills. In summer, it provides a cooling effect, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

2. Operable Skylights: Natural Light Makes You Happier and Healthier

In presence of natural light, our brain secretes a hormone called ‘Serotonin’. Serotonin is known to boost mood and reduce pain. In sunlight, our body also produces another hormone called ‘endorphins’ – probably the most well-known ‘feel good hormone’. So, when you’re feeling down, all you have to do is head to your room fitted with a skylight, and you’ll get relaxed and energized instantly.

3. Operable Skylights Add Value to Your Property

Similar to other high-end accessories like horizontal bi-fold doors and sliding glass doors, operable skylights also integrate indoors and outdoors to deliver an unmatched experience to the occupants.

Even buyers are ready to shell out more for a home fitted with operable skylights. Natural light can make the rooms appear spacious and clutter-free. This is something that buyers like in their new home you can further improve the value of your home with a little investment and install products such as steel staircases, sash windows and steel windows for a high ROI.

We invite you to take a look at our projects including installation of skylights, steel doors, steel staircases and steel furniture. To know more about our services, get in touch with one of our experts at L’Officina by Vincenzo today!


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3 Tips to Get the Best Out Of Your Sash Windows

sash windows

Sash windows are one of the most elegant and stunning components in any home. Whether installed in a classic home or a modern one, sash windows can single-handedly transform any property and make it more energy-efficient and more sophisticated instantly. Energy efficiency is in fact one of the biggest advantages you can get by installing sash windows in your home. Their unique design helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round.

All modern home solutions including horizontal bi-fold doors, operable skylights and sliding glass doors are designed to maximize energy efficiency.  Though sash windows are highly energy efficient and functional on their own, you can further improve their functionality and efficiency by following a few simple steps. Let’s have a look.

1. How to Increase Your Savings with Sash Windows?

There are still many homeowners who opt for single glazed windows. While it may seem cost-effective in the beginning, it’s not the best choice if you want to save money in the long run. State-of-the-art double glazed sash windows can dramatically slows down the heat transfer and helps in maintaining the right temperature inside the rooms without consuming any power.

2. How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Sash Windows?

Like every other component, sash windows also go through everyday wear and tear. This can lead to problems like paint deterioration and chipping etc. So while fitting your windows, make sure that you use top quality paint and choose material by considering the weather conditions in your area. Making a right decision at this stage will keep your windows looking like brand new for years and years.

3. How to Stop Your Windows from Rattling?

There are several things you can do to fix your old rattling windows. You can start by tightening any lose screws. You can add some foam stripping or some caulk throughout the perimeter of your sash windows. Alternatively, you can also use gasket to fill any gaps.

The easiest way, however, is to choose a trusted specialist such as L’Officina by Vincenzo, for the installation of your sash windows or any other product for that including steel doors, guillotine windows or windows in marrickville, to name a few. This will help you avoid all such issues from happening in the first place.

Whether you’re looking to install brand new sash windows or upgrade your existing ones, get in touch with our specialists at L’Officina by Vincenzo. Visit us or call us on (02) 8959 0987 today.


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L’Officina by Vincenzo Brings the Beauty of Timber to Minimal Framed Tailor-Made Windows

In line with L’Officina by Vincenzo‘s full commitment to bringing only the best and finest brands and make it available to the Australian market, we are excited to announce that we’ve now partnered with Carminati, an Italian leading manufacturer of wooden, wooden-aluminium, and wooden-glass windows and doors.


For the longest time, it has been a struggle and rarity to find minimal frames that match with the beauty of timber, and that unite seamlessly with the latest architectural trends. Now that’s about to change—L’Officina by Vincenzo seeks to address this, and thanks to Carminati’s very slim frame profiles, combined with excellent technical performances. Their slim wooden profiles increase the glass surface and overwhelm the spaces with light, conveying an idea of wellness and continuity between internal and external environments.



Carminati Serramenti was founded in 1894 as a small joiner’s workshop for the manufacture of wooden articles. They are primarily involved in residential and luxury hotels sectors, with particular attention to the collaboration with studios of architecture through simulations, technical drawings and consulting in the construction industry field in general.  Over the years, Carminati designed in Italy and abroad prestigious projects for brands of primary importance, including fashion and luxury hotels sectors, private housing and presidential residences in suggestive locations.



L’Officina by Vincenzo, is an architectural metal design and engineering solution for all steel doors, windows, staircases, and furniture construction needs. We take care of all shop drawings, technical drawings, logistics, and installation works.

Should you wish to know more about our company and our other partner brands, kindly browse through our website and please feel free to get in touch with us  or should you wish to request a copy of our Carminati catalogs.