3 Tips to Get the Best Out Of Your Sash Windows

Sash windows are one of the most elegant and stunning components in any home. Whether installed in a classic home or a modern one, sash windows can single-handedly transform any property and make it more energy-efficient and more sophisticated instantly. Energy efficiency is in fact one of the biggest advantages you can get by installing … Continued

Sliding Glass Doors: Are Aluminum Frames Any Good?

Frames for sliding glass doors can be made from a variety of materials, one of which is aluminum. In fact, aluminum is one of the most popular choices for many people nowadays, and for good reasons, too. Moisture Resistant One of the biggest enemies of sliding glass doors frames is moisture, especially those installed in … Continued

5 Reasons Why Architects Prefer Double-Hung Guillotine Windows

You can see most modern built homes now with double-hung guillotine windows. Guillotine windows (double-hung) have become the top window styles that architects recommend when building, thus, replacing traditional windows. Aside from having impressive ventilation feature, this type of window has many things to offer: Aesthetic appearance Among the reasons why double-hung guillotine windows are … Continued

How Do Steel Stairs Compare with those Made of Concrete?

Manufacturers typically produce steel from refined iron. On various counts, steel has emerged as the material of choice in various industries. In particular, the construction sector ends up using huge quantities of steel in building structures of all kinds. Steel has long been a popular material for a wide range of projects. You could use … Continued

Designing Guide For Builders When Doing Home Extensions Using Horizontal Bi-fold Doors

  Do you handle many home extension projects? If you come across clients who wish to extend their homes with limited budget, horizontal bi-folds doors are an excellent suggestion. Bi-folds will not only help create a spacious atmosphere, but also project a stylish home. So if your clients are after the use of bi-folds for their home extensions, we’ve rounded up a step-by-step guide as you prepare your layout. Step 1.  Identify the … Continued

How Important the Stairways in Your House Actually Are

In purely architectural terms, staircases are among the strongest transition elements. They serve to connect two spaces. In many houses, the stairs typically connect different levels in the home interiors. However, in some houses, staircases could connect interior spaces to exterior ones as well. It is worth mentioning that stairs are one of the oldest … Continued