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Steel Doors: Low Maintenance and High on Security

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A strongly built steel door depicts of fine taste, especially if the design shows more of the architectural expertise of the architect handling the project. Aside from the aesthetic appeal that a steel door has to offer, the durability of steel assures owners of added safety against unwanted intrusion. Among the other features of steel doors is their ability to control fire.

Here are more reasons why professionals (architects, engineers and builders) in the construction industry choose steel doors:

Long-term investment

Anything made from steel is expected to provide longer years of service. As with a newly-constructed commercial or industrial building with steel doors customised, the owner may consider this a long-term investment. Unlike other materials used for doors, steel when used as main material is very cost-effective. For example, wood absorbs moisture, exposing it to peeling, fading, warping, and damage. Using wooden doors may have you looking for replacement quicker than desired. With steel doors, you may be able to cut down cost on utility bills because steel can provide effective insulation.

Maximum safety and security

This is why architects and engineers prefer steel doors: for maximum safety and security. A steel door can be custom-made to have the fire-resistant feature which is crucial in commercial and industrial buildings. In case of a fire, steel doors have the ability to control the fire for approximately 20 minutes. Steel doors are also specifically designed to prevent intruders from having a quick or easy access. Steel doors can also come in bulletproof and chemical-resistant features.

Low maintenance

Steel is regarded as among the strongest materials, thus the in-demand production of steel doors, steel windows and steel furniture. They have low maintenance requirements and aren’t prone to cracking and bowing. With regards to rust formation, proper care is needed such as coating the steel doors with primer and paint.

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