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Sliding Glass Doors and Why They Work Best For You

Sliding glass doors


There are many types and designs to choose from when it comes to doors. Here are a few factors why you should be considering sliding glass doors whether it’s for residential or commercial building designs.

Effective insulators

Sliding doors made from top quality glass can be effective insulators in keeping the home warm during winter months; and cooler as the hot weather shoots in summer. Architects often recommend to their clients sliding doors because they are built with composite gaskets which is essential in protecting the residential or commercial space from external elements brought by a weather condition such as rain, heat, moist including dust particles. Aside from being regarded as thermal insulators, sliding doors can be customised to have sound barrier feature to reduce the noise from the outside come inside.

Panoramic view

One of the irresistible features of sliding glass doors is they offer panoramic view with their see-through glasses. So, if you want to enjoy the sight of your well-maintained garden the moment you wake up, you can benefit from a home design with sliding doors that have indoor and outdoor flow.

Maximum safety

Safety first, and if your major concern when using sliding glass doors is the safety against unwanted intruders like burglars or wild animals, you can request for a shatterproof feature for your windows and sliding doors’ glasses.

Space saver

Unlike doors that occupy space when left opened, sliding glass doors consume less space if at all. With sliding doors, you simply need to glide it to open while a door it needs to be swung open.


If you prefer having natural light during daytime rather than using too much electricity, sliding glass doors would be an excellent option to save money on electric bills. Aside from that, if you have sliding doors built with fitted gaskets, they will serve as insulation to maintain the heat inside during winter; and coolness during summer.

Variety of designs

Architects highly recommend sliding doors when designing homes for picky clients because they have a variety of designs to choose from, including the materials to be used. In fact, the sliding glass door can be designed to match the architectural design and structure of a home or commercial building.

Installing sliding glass doors would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also offer other necessities that are important to you—whether it’s being eco-friendly, energy-efficient, safe, and at the same time functional. For more creative designs for your windows and doors, feel free to browse through our website www.byvincenzo.com and get to know more about our wide range of products from steel doors, horizontal bi-fold doors to the classy windows (sash windows, guillotine windows and steel windows).


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