5 Tips to Maintain Your Steel Staircases and Other Steel Items

Sliding doors, steel staircases, guillotine windows and steel furniture are some of the crucial elements of any modern home. Made from a variety of materials including steel, glass and stone, these items are extremely durable and can last a lifetime with some simple maintenance.
Regardless of how durable and long-lasting steel is, some sort of maintenance is needed to keep your steel items looking like brand new for all their lifespan. This step can also help you detect potential issues at some hidden places, such as underside of your steel staircase, so that you can get them fixed before it becomes too late.
1. Steel Staircases: Whether they are made from galvanized steel or stainless steel, steel staircases are exceptionally easy to maintain. Just clean your staircases with a power wash on occasional basis to remove stubborn dirt and debris. For regular cleaning, use clean damp cloth in order to remove everyday stains.

2. Guillotine Windows/ Sash Windows/ Tilt Windows: Start by cleaning the exterior glass surface. Then proceed on to interior surfaces. Experts usually recommend that you should clean the upper sash first. Keep the sash tilted when you wash the exterior surfaces of your sash windows. You can use a stool or chair to clean hard to reach areas of your tilt windows.

3. Steel furniture: Most of the steel furniture pieces come with a protective finish such as a powder coat. This steel furniture is made to withstand extreme weather conditions. Cleaning and maintaining coated furniture is quite simple. All you need is some soapy water and a rag. Wipe down your furniture items to remove all the accumulated dirt and debris.

Make sure you invest in high quality furniture that needs minimal maintenance and come with an extensive warranty. All the products offered at L’officina (By Vincenzo) are built to the highest standards of quality. The protective finish is there to prevent mould, rusting, discoloration, fading and UV damage.

4. Operable Skylights: Operable skylights are great to maximise ventilation and make your home brighter and airy. Since operable skylights are installed on the roofs, you should have scaffolding or ladders to clean them unless you have roof access skylights. For a convenient experience, clean your skylights during cooler parts of the day. In case, you have multiple skylights at different heights, start from the top most one and move downwards.

5. Steel doors/ Horizontal bi-fold doors: The best thing about steel doors and steel horizontal bi-fold doors is that they are virtually maintenance-free. For some simple maintenance, take a soft cloth, dampen it with some soap solution and clean your doors on occasional basis. This will help you get rid of dirt and debris accumulated on your door surfaces over time. Do not use high pH solution such as vinegar to clean your steel doors.

For more information on installing steel staircases, Operable Skylights and other steel components in your home, get in touch with the experts at L’officina today!