What Kinds of Powder Coating Do Manufacturers Apply to Steel Furniture?

As mentioned earlier, furniture made from stainless steel was hardly attractive or stylish in the past. Manufacturers typically produced various pieces of furniture to provide years of service. Thus, these pieces of furniture would remain functional and durable for several years. But, when it came to visual appeal, these products usually did not have much to offer. In many cases, the manufacturers would usually supply them in dull and unattractive colours. This aspect made these pieces of furniture worthwhile in a commercial setting. But, not many homeowners would have been adventurous enough to purchase one of these items of furniture for use in their residences.

In recent times, however, technological advancements have transformed manufacturing processes. As such, producing steel is not as time-consuming or labour intensive as it once was. More importantly, the fact that manufacturers can add certain elements to an alloy to make it long-lasting and corrosion-proof has been advantageous too. Nowadays, manufacturers can easily provide steel furniture that is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Even if exposed to the elements, these tables and chairs will not rust or warp. This can be highly beneficial. This is especially so in case you happen to live in areas that experience extremes of temperature or varying levels of humidity.

In many manufacturing applications, the manufacturers apply specialised powder steel coatings. These steel coatings often come in an assortment of colours. The application of these powder steel coatings can serve to protect the furniture from rust, corrosion and other similar issues. More importantly, the colours that these steel coatings come in serve to enliven the otherwise dull finishes that characterise steel furniture. The dash of colour that these powder coatings provide has contributed immensely towards making steel furniture stylish and attractive.

It is worth mentioning that powder coatings are not suitable for general use. Ideally, the manufacturers will match the applications to the type of metal and their use. For instance, the molecular structure of thermoset powder coatings will remain the same, regardless of whether you heat it and cool it. In contrast, the molecular structure of thermoplastic powder coating will change once you heat it and cool it. Thermoset powder coatings usually offer greater levels of resistance when exposed to higher temperatures. It has an attractive and glossy look. And, these coatings are quite inexpensive as well. Similarly, thermoplastic powder coatings can stick easily to metallic surfaces. They offer superb levels of impact resistance. In addition, they are detergent and chemical resistant as well. However, these powder coatings are relatively more expensive, even though they offer superb levels of electrical insulation.

So, if you’re planning to invest in steel tilt windows or doors, ensure that you give these products a thermoplastic powder coating. On virtually all fronts, thermoplastic powder coatings beat thermoset powder coatings convincingly. The former comes with a higher price tag. But, if you want long-lasting furniture that offers the best value for your money, thermoplastic powder coatings are worth investing in.