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SYDNEY BUILD 2018: Highlights and Forecast Trends

Sydney, AustraliaL’officina by Vincenzo made time to check out this year’s Sydney Build Expo held recently on March 15-16 at the Royal Hall of Industries. We’ve rounded up some highlights and forecast trends in the industry to watch out for:

  • On adapting to the demanding and fast-paced setting of technology. In the context of making the switch to mobile, more and more companies are exploring if not, already jumped to try and embrace options when it comes to closing the gap in digital divide. Whether it’s going paperless or aggressively adapting systems that lean towards that, a speaker during the event posted it as a question: In five years, are you going to be the construction company like Blockbuster or like Netflix? Simply put, evolve with the times. Adapt to the consumers’ needs.


  • On emerging trends in developments, designs, and built form. As per Emily Mudge, Icon Co.’s Manager for Health, Government, & Institution Sector, there’ll be more integration of aged care facilities in student areas in the next few years. By then, it’ll be interesting to see this kind of synergy when it comes to the aging population being aggressively integrated in community living.


  • On the rise of engineered-timber products. Senior Structural Engineer of ACOR Consultants of Fred Moshiri discussed the pros of timber products, as such being prefabricated off-site, simple to screw together, quicker to build, less on-site labour, easy electrical and plumbing fit-out, and less wasteful and noisy on site.



Sydney Build is a construction exhibition focused on projects and opportunities in Sydney and New South Wales, and attended by architects, developers, contractors, designers, engineers, construction managers, builders, tradies, planning managers, and the like.


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