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Steel Staircases Are Safe Alternatives

One of the most common concerns of many property owners when it comes to steel staircases is the safety. This is especially true for residential properties with senior citizens or very young children, as well as for commercial establishments and industrial facilities that experience high foot traffic. However, there are several ways to prevent any accidents from occurring.

For one, you can have your steel staircases installed with a non-slippery surface. It is recommended that you do so on the whole surface of the step. However, if it causes aesthetic issues or budget constraints, installing them on the edges of the steps should be fine. There are different materials which can be used as non-slippery surfaces. There are rubber mats which can be installed directly onto the steps or on the edges only. There are also specially mixed and manufactured types of paint which can be used for this endeavour.

Another option for property owners is to have grip-friendly handrails installed with the steel staircases. Handrails often come with steel staircases, but their design often makes them unsuitable for effective gripping. It is therefore best to keep in mind that although you want handrails to appear pleasing, it should not compromise functionality – which is to provide support while going up or down the staircase. Handrails should be gripped easily, quickly and firmly for the individual climbing the stairs.

Some building standards often indicate the appropriate size and make of handrails for steel staircases and staircases in general, and you can check with the local building authorities what these specifications are since they may vary from one place to another. In general though, it should have that ‘tennis-racket grip’, meaning you can firmly wrap your hands around it without having to strain your hands and wrists.

Another factor that helps to make steel staircases much safer proper design. Again, certain places have building codes that specifies the measurements and dimensions of steel staircases in order to be considered and certified as safe.

But perhaps the most important factor that can help ensure the integrity and safety of the steel staircases is the quality of the materials used and the quality of the craftsmanship that went into making the steel staircases. Since steel staircases may carry a lot of weight (depending on the weight of the individual walking on the stairs or the amount of foot traffic that the staircase gets), and should therefore be of good, strong, and solid quality. Also, the craftsmanship must be of excellent quality, because even the best materials and design would be useless if the workmanship is shoddy.

The above tips are some of the common things that you can do to further ensure the safety of your stairs, although their other things you can do like ensuring proper illumination and constant cleaning and maintenance. For instance, you can have operable skylights installed over the staircase, or perhaps sash windows or other large windows to let the natural light in and provide illumination.


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