Minimal frame pivot hinges and handmade louvres Point Piper

Our client needed a solution for a new facade & the addition of an external elevator to their 3 story waterfront Art Deco apartments block.
The main objectives were to ensure that the solution would be constructed by taking into account engineering requirements, safety requirements, preservation of natural light, ability to withstand seawater corrosion, incorporate a modern look, have an elegant feel whilst preserving the charm and all with minimal maintenance required.
The straight component has been completely constructed in marine grade stainless steel (referred to as 316). The clever use of this metal allowed us to create the entire framing of the lateral fixed glass panels, the central section to accommodate the glass louvres as well as the rigidity to include a totally frameless glass pivot entrance door without the need for additional mullions whilst maintaining a minimalistic look and complying with all of the aforementioned requirements.
The curved balcony has also been completely framed from floor to ceiling with the same concept of the straight section and, in addition to achieving the same results, it also gives the impression that it is suspended in midair.
In both sections, we installed a silky white laminated toughened glass to ensure the filtering through of plenty natural light whilst providing privacy.

The elevator shaft sides and roof have been completely covered with frameless dark tinted glass and whilst this also provides the filtering through of natural light it also elegantly shows the engineering inner workings of a lift.
The use of silky white together with the dark tinted glasses gives the entire project a subtle yet elegant contrast.
All the sections were carefully manufactured and assembled in our workshop (Officina in Italian) and finished with our signature black patina.
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The elevator shaft made at Lofficina by Vincenzo and its black finish contrasts the rest of the facade, providing natural light and maximising views to the exterior, The elevator section emphasises the contemporary look of the building making the whole facade appear open and modern it gives the building some transparency and the glass gives perfect views of the inner workings of the elevator it also is a display of the engineering geniuses that created it.