Matt Moran’s Barangaroo House: Superb aesthetics meet utmost function

Sydney, Australia—L’Officina by Vincenzo has proudly and successfully completed yet another groundbreaking project transcending what seemed difficult, even impossible for others to do, through the opening of celebrity chef Matt Moran’s Barangaroo House last December 15.

Otherwise known as Barangaroo South R1 project developed by Lendlease and designed by Sydney architects Collins and Turner, the three-level restaurant dubbed as “fun dining” shall serve as the home to the newest rooftop bar Smoke, fanciful indoor and outdoor dining Bea, and the lushly-landscaped beer garden House Bar.

Barangaroo House (photo via

But more than its well-curated food and drinks menu, the final addition to Barangaroo’s waterfront dining precinct notably features Australia’s first 28sqm curved sliding glass door by PanoramAH! Systems. This is particularly unique as this type of installation is something that has never been done before but was made possible by the hardworking people behind L’Officina by Vincenzo.

Chief executive officer Enzo Botte mentions, “When Huw Turner presented to us about their intentions to make a window integrating their architectural concept but at the same time would cope with the structural and building requirements, we knew that it would be such a challenge, stretch our engineering capabilities, and would put a lot of pressure on our side. After a quick assessment with our team, we were in. You know, we are in the business not to do walks in the park, but to go where the challenges are and do what for others seemed impossible”.

Barangaroo House – PanoramAH! Windows by L’Officina by Vincenzo

Meanwhile, another innovation worthy of mention is the highly-engineered Windbreaker system exclusively designed and installed by the same brains from L’Officina by Vincenzo. As per Botte, “This may not seem much but the precision behind it is really something. Due to the nature of the building’s design, our windbreakers had to adjust to each different curve with very little tolerance. On top of that, you have to comply with strict building codes for balustrades. At the end, you get a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art designed stainless steel balustrade with patina finish that matched seamlessly with the smoke concept they originally had in mind”.

Barangaroo House – Windbreaker System by L’Officina by Vincenzo

The town’s hottest food spot takes after a conceptual design “reminiscent of a series of stacked bowls, characterized by their construction in Bamboo.” As the finest of food meets with the most innovative architectural concepts turned to reality, and so does superb aesthetics meet with utmost function exclusively crafted by L’Officina by Vincenzo.