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L’Officina by Vincenzo Brings the Beauty of Timber to Minimal Framed Tailor-Made Windows

In line with L’Officina by Vincenzo‘s full commitment to bringing only the best and finest brands and make it available to the Australian market, we are excited to announce that we’ve now partnered with Carminati, an Italian leading manufacturer of wooden, wooden-aluminium, and wooden-glass windows and doors.

For the longest time, it has been a struggle and rarity to find minimal frames that match with the beauty of timber, and that unite seamlessly with the latest architectural trends. Now that’s about to change—L’Officina by Vincenzo seeks to address this, and thanks to Carminati’s very slim frame profiles, combined with excellent technical performances. Their slim wooden profiles increase the glass surface and overwhelm the spaces with light, conveying an idea of wellness and continuity between internal and external environments.

Carminati Serramenti was founded in 1894 as a small joiner’s workshop for the manufacture of wooden articles. They are primarily involved in residential and luxury hotels sectors, with particular attention to the collaboration with studios of architecture through simulations, technical drawings and consulting in the construction industry field in general.  Over the years, Carminati designed in Italy and abroad prestigious projects for brands of primary importance, including fashion and luxury hotels sectors, private housing and presidential residences in suggestive locations.

L’Officina by Vincenzo, is an architectural metal design and engineering solution for all steel doors, windows, staircases, and furniture construction needs. We take care of all shop drawings, technical drawings, logistics, and installation works.

Should you wish to know more about our company and our other partner brands, kindly browse through our website and please feel free to get in touch with us  or should you wish to request a copy of our Carminati catalogs.

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