La Mer, Vaucluse Project on The Daily Telegraph

Once again, our past client’s home was recently featured on the news (The Daily Telegraph). This beautiful property in La Mer, Vaucluse, which was previously owned by James Packer and Erica Baxter, uses PanoramAH doors.

The design of PanoramAH removes all obstructive elements of a traditional window, allowing maximum light to enter and the outside world to be framed. Whilst usual windows use glass as filler and the frame as support, we work with the fundamental characteristics of glass and give it the function of a self-supporting element, free to slide within a frame and with no constraints regarding its dimensions. Simply put, the glass supports itself and the function of the aluminium is to just tighten the window.

These sliding doors are ideal for an unobstructed view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Read the full article from The Daily Telegraph here.

Photo credits: The Daily Telegraph