This is another requirement that you must include when choosing a window and door specialist, effective collaboration must be present between you and the person-in-charge of this project. It’s vital that the design, size as well as the materials used for customised doors and operable skylights windows coordinate with the architectural design of your home.

Energy efficient

If your reason of replacing your old doors and windows is to reduce your present energy consumption, choosing energy efficient windows must be your priority. Many old homes encounter huge electric bills due to their windows. Installing modern windows that have tinted glass, IGUs or thermal break features are proven to be effective in lowering your next energy billing statement.


If you home is situated in a busy area where huge volume of vehicles pass by every day it’s essential that your new windows must perform in accordance to your special requirement such as the ability to limit the noise from the outside. Ask the window and door specialist about windows with acoustic shielding performance.


Have you finally set a fixed budget to cover the cost of replacing your old doors and windows? If not yet, this should be taken a priority as it will affect the other requirements you made like design, material and other distinct features. For example, if your primary goal is limit the outside noise, then, be ready to spend more on specialised windows designed for acoustic performance.

No need to rush when it comes to your doors and windows replacement. I suggest you schedule a private meeting with your prospect door and window specialist and ask for professional advice. Don’t forget to request a free quote of your customised door and windows including their other handcrafted products like steel staircases.