Beautiful Home Overlooking Hermit Bay

This gorgeous house fronting Hermit Bay embodies modern architecture with its clean and simple structural elements. It avoids ornate details and highlights the actual design and high-quality materials used.

L’Officina by Vincenzo is proud of the great work we’ve done for this project with X.PACE Design Group. One of the beautiful features of this home is our custom-made steel staircase – a stunning piece of architectural art that combines form and function.

The open-plan living area of the home provides flexibility in entertainment and fantastic views of Hermit Bay. This is why PanoramAH! windows and doors were ideal to use in this property. Seamless corner sliding doors were also possible in this home, and the track system was embedded to eliminate physical and visual barriers.

Apart from the staircase, windows and doors, we also built the following in this property:

  1. Louvres from our partner, ABBA Blinds
  2. Custom-made skylights
  3. Custom-made lights
  4. Glass balustrade

Stunning custom job by Vincenzo!