Aluminium – Windows and doors solutions

Uniquely custom-made windows and doors out of L’Officina [the workshop| By Vincenzo follow a beautifully minimal style with opening systems that allow full span opening and total disappearance of the window, including the frame.

Invisible Frame is an advanced sliding door system that delivers a wide spectacle of uninterrupted glass. The casement is engineered to disappear behind construction elements like floors, walls or ceilings. Glass seemingly floats in the air, seamlessly connected using frames as slim as 20 mm to create a continuous, unbroken and expansive vista.

Advanced Modularity – We have created a standard, a series of compatible components, able to be connected infinitely. Our modular thinking has buttressed our ability to connect any number of glass panels. An automatic actuation system can be seamlessly integrated into any of our single or double-glazed configurations.

“Our doors and windows provide all that is required of them – quality, strength, security, versatility”.


A sleek single glazing system for exterior designs that can accommodate almost any combination of window and door configuration. Choose between standard or underfloor tracks for a minimalist aesthetic for the sliding configuration.


Elevate your exteriors with double glazing options, a variation of the Superslim 12 – underfloor and invisible tracks. Unmatched aesthetics, top-tier acoustic insulation, thermal performance, and fortification against air infiltration and water penetration.


Our thermally broken aluminum window profile system, akin to our other exterior systems, boasts unparalleled thermal transfer performance, surpassing all Australian standards. With an exceptional ability to resist both heat and cold, it ensures a barrier that meets and exceeds European standards. Embodying the epitome of energy efficiency, our system guarantees airtight protection against external temperatures.