A Home with Stunning Views of Sydney Harbour

Located in the beautiful Vaucluse at the Eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, this modern property along Gilliver Avenue has a spectacular view of the iconic Sydney Harbour.

Taking advantage of the picturesque view was an important consideration of the project. This is why PanoramAH! minimal windows were a perfect fit for the property. Unlike traditional windows, PanoramAH! has large panes of glass and seems frameless. This provides our client with a clear view of Sydney Harbour while they lounge in the living room, entertain guests at the bar, or eat at their dining room.

Our client, who has an eye for detail, also had specific ideas to elevate the design of their home. As L’Officina by Vincenzo prides itself on being experts in custom-made steel designs, we were able to turn their vision into reality. We customised their staircase, elevator shaft, balustrades, door handles, pivot door, wine cellar, skylight, mailbox, garage door and even their light switch frames and house number.

Apart from using PanoramAH! windows and customising steel designs, we used products from our other partners, Easy Gate Systems and ABBA Blinds. We installed a telescopic gate, which is ideal to use when there is limited space. Unlike regular sliding gates, this requires only half the space when opening.

The end result is a stylish modern home, beautiful to every detail.