Exquisite beauty combines with fine precision to Prestigious Metal Windows; the range of minimum frame iron windows by L’Officina By Vincenzo; for that modern look with a touch of vintage ambiance. Not only does it give designers the freedom to achieve superior aesthetics but also gives a greater flexibility for an adaptable architectural design starting from just 20mm. These carefully handcrafted windows are made from the highest quality raw materials; steel, stainless steel, bronze and Corten.

We specialise in:

  • Architectural Iron Windows & Doors
  • Commercial Iron Facade
  • Traditional Iron Windows & Doors
  • Restoration of old Iron Windows & Doors

Why Steel?


Steel doors and windows provide all that is required of them; quality, aesthetics, strength, security, versatility and elegance. Steel doors and windows have developed over time now addressing needs like differentiation, convenience, longer service-life, energy saving and environmentally friendly products.

Bronze is an alloy of copper with zinc or tin, at a ratio that varies depending on the period, the region, or even the workshop where the work is crafted. Alloys with more tin or zinc are a lot more fluid in liquid state, so it enables achieving the finest details when pouring into a mould.


  • Superior aesthetics that provide elegance and traditional ambiance for premium architectural solutions
  • Possibility of customising the look of the final door including the finish
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environmentally sustainable


L’Officina prides itself on being able to produce unique cutting edge profiles with the help of advanced technology. The replacement of windows and doors in restoration requires a delicate balance. On one hand, it must take into consideration the aesthetic aspect and respect for artistic heritage while on the other hand, it is necessary to abide by safety codes and comfort requirements. L’Offcina combines extremely minimal styles of old steel windows and doors (only 36mm for the openings) with the most advanced performances guaranteeing security, long service life and complying with environmental standards reviving the elegance and motif of the old “fine steel profile” for verandas, winter gardens, doors and bow windows. In restoration works, we guarantees excellence in terms of “industrial archaeology”.

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