The purpose of the panoramic window is to consider the cut-out made in a facade as a direct link between solid spaces and voids, to allow an objective interactivity between interior and exterior that fulfills the premise so dear to both the Modernist and Minimalist movements; namely, the desire to frame nature without manipulating it or disturbing the perception of it. According to Le Corbusier, it introduces “the vastness of the outside world, the unity that’s impossible to counterfeit, of a landscape with tempest and radiant calm”.

While traditional window systems use glass as a filler and the frame as a structural support, we work with the intrinsic characteristic of glass and give it the function of a self-supporting element, free to slide within a frame with no constraints regarding its dimensions. Thus the panoramic window takes on its full significance, detaching itself from dimensional constraints and henceforth only measuring itself against the static limitations of the glass itself.


Main Features

The PanoramAH! series of products was developed to offer the perfect combination of aesthetics, efficiency, and technique. Its unique features allow you to rethink windows, freeing them from their traditional scale and design, creating a unique and continuous dialogue between the interior and exterior.

1 – A 20mm profile sight line between panes.

2 – Optimal interior to exterior transparency and continuity, with pane sizes ranging up to 27m²

3 – 98% of the window surface being structural glass

4 – Flexibility and suitability to complex geometrical situations

5 – Creative optional infill materials such as stone, timber or aluminium cladding.

6 – Configurations comprising opening corners, curved spanning and pocket sliding into a wall, ceiling or floor.

7 – Embedded track system, avoiding physical or visual obstructions.

8 – Motorisation, connection and compatibility with home automation and security systems.

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