Steel systems for windows and doors 

Our advanced steel doors and windows can address the most challenging requirements, including restoration of old buildings.  

Another unique characteristic of our range of European windows and doors is that it can be manufactured from any of the following frame materials: galvanised steel, stainless steel, Corten steel and brass. This means we can create windows and doors into various exceptional and high-end designs, such as restoration projects for historical buildings or creating luxurious architectural designs.  

GALVANISED STEEL | The galvanised steel profiles we use for our advanced steel windows and doors are manufactured from the alloy FeP02 with a GZ200 hot zinc coating that ensures protection from oxidisation both internally and externally. The galvanised steel frames are then powder coated (oven-baked at 180° C) and supplied in a range of colours, available in gloss, semigloss and sandblasted versions. This material has elasticity modulus 3 times higher and thermal conductivity 4 times lower than aluminium alloys. 

STAINLESS STEEL | Stainless steel is most commonly composed of iron, chrome, nickel and molybdenum, which make the material extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. This material is known to have thermal conductivity 10 times lower than aluminium. Combined with the thermal break technology of our advanced steel windows and doors, it provides a high level of thermal insulation. The inherent characteristic of stainless also allows us to create extremely slim window frames, thus brightening the interiors more. 

BRASS | The colour and shininess of brass, together with its resistance to corrosion make this material perfect for both old and new architecture. Surfaces in glossy or burnished brass can be an expression of luxury and refinement. Our advanced steel windows and doors in brass use the alloy OT67 in which the high percentage of copper (67%) guarantees resistance to corrosion, whilst the zinc (33%) improves its hardness and tensile strength. 

CORTEN STEEL | Corten steel is resistant to corrosion 6 to 8 times more compared to traditional steel. It features a double resistance to tensile strength, allowing large window dimensions whilst having thin frames. This steel alloy contains copper, chrome and phosphorous, and has an antique appearance. Our advanced steel windows and doors use an oxidisation process of Corten to attain the desired finish and chromatic effect.