Steel craftsmanship at its finest 

L’Officina by Vincenzo has a reputation of being masters of our craft. We pride ourselves in creating customised steel application solutions for your architectural needs, with unique, sophisticated and precise designs.

TRADITIONAL STEEL WINDOWS & DOORS | Exquisite beauty combines with fine precision of prestigious metal windows; the range of minimum frame steel windows by L’Officina by Vincenzo – for that modern look with a touch of vintage ambiance. Not only does it give designers the freedom to achieve superior aesthetics, but also gives a greater flexibility for an adaptable architectural design starting from 20mm. These carefully handcrafted windows are made from the highest quality raw materials; steel, stainless steel, bronze and Corten.   

WE SPECIALISE IN: Architectural steel windows & doors // Commercial steel facades // Classic & modern design of steel windows & doors // Restoration of old steel windows & doors. Our steel doors and windows provide all that is required of them – quality, strength, security, versatility, and elegance.

STEEL STAIRCASES | L’Officina by Vincenzo offers staircases that reflect the qualities of style and elegance. From modular systems to complimentary items, each product offers unwavering excellence. Our penchant for building unique and customised staircases has given us the reputation of being the masters of our craft. Our staircases are made out of the best and highest quality of raw materials, they are built with precision and sophisticated design to suit any kind of specifications.

WE SPECIALISE IN: Architectural stairs // Commercial stairs // Modern staircases // Traditional staircases // External staircases


Rather than hide the staircase, we construct them to be a feature that makes their own statement. 

We work with your imagination and inspiration to bring your vision to life. Our steel furniture is modern, rustic and contemporary and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Our products are trendsetting and perfect for any space. In addition, because of steel furniture’s lean frames and light weight features, they are easier to move around and that makes them flexible to redecorate without taking up too much space.  

Metal or steel furniture come in a wide range of designs, so if you have varied tastes you will surely find one that will complement your interior decors. Some metal furniture also come with designs that mimic wood patterns like maple and oak through laminates. However, you will be sure that the laminates we use are of top quality to ensure that they not only look great but also last a long time. Aside from laminates, the lacquer finish itself will give your steel furniture a vibrant finish, which is not only appealing but is durable.