L’Officina by Vincenzo Presents: 

Invisible Frame

Invisible Frame is a series of advanced door systems that deliver a wide spectacle of uninterrupted glass. Its sophisticated casements are engineered to disappear behind construction elements like floors, walls and ceilings. Glass ostensibly floats in the air; Seamlessly connected utilising frames as slim as 20 mm to create a continuous and expansive vista.

Advanced Modularity

We have created a standard, a series of compatible components, able to be connected infinitely.  Our expertise allows us to connect any number of glass panels. It feeds our desire to create the most extraordinary, customised creations.

Automatic actuation systems can be smoothly integrated into any of our single or double-glazed configurations and are compatible with smart home systems like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Environmental Regulation (Habitat Regulation)

Doors and windows must also divide the interior and exterior and temper the inside environment. The minimal design and panoramic scope of ultra-modern doors and windows by Vincenzo allow you to create a seamless transition between interior and exterior without sacrificing the environmental seal.

The thermal breaks and insulated glass units (IGU’s) featured in our doors and windows drastically reduce the capacity for heat to enter a building, at the same time they retain cold air from air conditioning units. (The inverse being true for windows installed in cold environments). This allows you to increase window coverage while satisfying insulation regulations, delivering more natural light and extended viewing angles. Invisible frame windows can also be fitted with ventilation systems that can allow clean, filtered air inside your home, even when the windows are closed. This is especially useful in city environments or in areas prone to bushfires.