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Carminati Serramenti was founded in 1894 as a small joiner’s workshop for the manufacture of wooden articles. Today, after its 120 consecutive years of history, it has become a leading manufacturer of wooden, wooden-aluminium and wooden-glass windows and doors. L’Officina by Vincenzo is proud to work together and bring them to the Australian market.

Carminati Serramenti is primarily involved in residential and luxury hotels sectors, with particular attention to the collaboration with studios of architecture through simulations, technical drawings and consulting in the construction industry field in general.


Over the years, Carminati designed in Italy and abroad prestigious projects for brands of primary importance, including fashion and luxury hotels sectors, private housing and presidential residences in suggestive locations.


The following possibilities in sliding doors: (1) two sliding panels, (2) four panels with two fixed lateral panels and two central sliding panels, (3) one fixed panel and one sliding panel, or (4) angular or hidden into the wall. The fixed panel can be completely made of glass or combined with a wooden frame. The opening and the closing of the panel are possible because of a bottom track embedded within the floor, which allows fluid sliding of glass panels of large dimensions.


Opening of one to three panels, window and window door, horizontal and vertical pivot, with locking system and handles, fixed or movable opening type. Possibility to install either concealed hinges for a more modern design, or classical hinges for a more traditional look of windows and doors.


Allows a total opening of the door. It can be constructed with up to 16 shutters with a maximum width of 1 meter and a weight of 100kg each. The extraordinary technical performances of this frame are ideal for spaces that require a seamless continuity between the interior and exterior.