When innovative designs are met with sustainable function

From the brains and hands behind GRM Australia – Biowood and L’officina by Vincenzo, comes a louvre brand that only commits itself to maximizing an architectural element through specialized engineering and design.  


Superb material quality  

Available in a wide range of building profiles, BioLouvres is made of reconstituted wood plastic composite using natural cellulose fibre from plantation harvested wood and combined with resin.  


Fully-recyclable and also suitable for indoor environments with very low volatile compounds emissions at an E1 rating.

Global Green Tag Certified  

With the environment in mind, BioLouvres is a sustainable timber alternative that doesn’t bleach and reduces carbon footprint.  

High-performance and low-maintenance  

Depending on foot traffic and orientation, its coating enables it to last three times longer than the normal coating.  


CSIRO-tested to be self-extinguishing and has a spread of flame index of zero.  

Resistance features 

Our products are water, termite, mould, and mildew resistant.  

Longevity against deterioration 

With proven time-tested suitability for marine, intertidal and salt-spray environments; does not splinter, crack or warp. 

Architectural element  

BioLouvres is made of Biowood plastic composite that looks natural and can stand alone as an architectural element altogether.