Designing Guide For Builders When Doing Home Extensions Using Horizontal Bi-fold Doors

  Do you handle many home extension projects? If you come across clients who wish to extend their homes with limited budget, horizontal bi-folds doors are an excellent suggestion. Bi-folds will not only help create a spacious atmosphere, but also project a stylish home. So if your clients are after the use of bi-folds for their home extensions, we’ve rounded up a step-by-step guide as you prepare your layout. Step 1.  Identify the … Continued

How Important the Stairways in Your House Actually Are

In purely architectural terms, staircases are among the strongest transition elements. They serve to connect two spaces. In many houses, the stairs typically connect different levels in the home interiors. However, in some houses, staircases could connect interior spaces to exterior ones as well. It is worth mentioning that stairs are one of the oldest … Continued


This is another requirement that you must include when choosing a window and door specialist, effective collaboration must be present between you and the person-in-charge of this project. It’s vital that the design, size as well as the materials used for customised doors and operable skylights windows coordinate with the architectural design of your home. … Continued

Matt Moran’s Barangaroo House: Superb aesthetics meet utmost function

Sydney, Australia—L’Officina by Vincenzo has proudly and successfully completed yet another groundbreaking project transcending what seemed difficult, even impossible for others to do, through the opening of celebrity chef Matt Moran’s Barangaroo House last December 15. Otherwise known as Barangaroo South R1 project developed by Lendlease and designed by Sydney architects Collins and Turner, the … Continued

Spruce Up Your Home Interiors with Elegant Steel Staircases

Of all the investments that homeowners make in their lifetimes, a home is probably the biggest. This is not merely in terms of the value of the house. It is also in terms of the sentimental attachment and the emotional value that owning a house of your own offers. These aspects combine to make homeowners … Continued

Obtain the Best Steel Doors, Windows and Staircases from L’Officina by Vincenzo

Whether you need steel furniture or windows, consult the experts at L’Officina by Vincenzo (Vincenzo’s workshop). We specialise in designing and building structures from steel. In our view, homeowners want homes that exude beauty in their interior and exterior living spaces. They want homes that are exquisite and visually appealing. Most importantly, homeowners want homes … Continued

What Are the Benefits that Accrue When You Purchase Steel Furniture?

When it comes to buying furniture for the house, many people can’t seem to think beyond wooden furniture. This is not very surprising. Wooden furniture exudes a classic and timeless look. It has survived various fads and trends over the years. The curve of the grain, the shade of the wood and other similar aspects, … Continued