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A new offering from byVincenzo – Presenting @ Door Culture and Lualdi

L’officina byVincenzo is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor for a new series of product systems under the new brand @ Door Culture. Together we are proud to introduce Lualdi.

L’officina byVincenzo’s new brand division Door Culture  is proud to present our new brand offering  of Italian designed and manufactured doors as the exclusive Australian distributor for Lualdi.  Lualdi provides custom solutions for architectural hardware, specialising in the production of door and frame mechanisms. 

Lualdi has a brand reputation built upon architect designed mechanisms for innovative door and window operations. Door Culture is proud to present the Lualdi portfolio of product systems as an exciting new offering for the Australian market. The colorways offered across the extensive range of finishes, textures and patinas allow the modification of any given Lualdi product to suit the needs of any space or client demand.  This is part of the holistic attitude toward design espoused by Lualdi, a focus on delivering the client a functional, luxurious and durable product tailored to the specific needs of individual jobs.

There are systems available for all applications, including both recessed and feature frames and doors, sliding, scrolling, and folding systems, any of which can be readily mixed and matched to develop a specialised, custom-tailored architectural hardware solution for the client. The material properties of the product range can be similarly taliored to the needs of a paticular order, allowing Lualdi to provide door and window solutions in differing base materiality, no longer limited to stock colors, textures and finishes.

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For further details or to request a catalogue, please visit our new trade site at doorculture.com

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