Why More and More Australians Are Installing Stairs Made of Steel in their Homes

Not many people feel satisfied with living in single-storey houses. Larger families and the requirement of additional levels of space necessitate the creation of multiple levels of living space. If you live in a house with multiple storeys, you will inevitably require a staircase. For many people, a staircase is simply an architectural feature that offers functional use. But, like regular and sliding doors, staircases come in a variety of styles, finishes and materials. Moreover, in recent times, the stairs in homes have begun to serve an aesthetic purpose as well. Staircases these days complement the interior décor of the rest of the elements in the room. In addition, they can often serve as the focal point of the room.

If you were to contact interior designers or visit the facilities of interior décor specialists, you would inevitably come across a diverse range of staircases. From straight to spiralling staircases, these professionals would be able to offer you an enviable selection of staircases to install in your homes. But, the range of options does not remain confined merely to the kind of staircase that you want. You will also have to choose the material used for making the staircase. Natural stone, marble and wood are among the most popular materials used for making stairways. However, steel is fast becoming the material of choice when it comes to building stairways.

Stairs made of steel provide a superb alternative to the traditional wooden stairs that typically characterise many homes in Australia. Steel stairs are quite versatile when it comes to design. In addition, the properties of steel, as a material, enables builders to achieve certain effects that they wouldn’t be able to achieve with wood. Wood is an elegant and classic material. It exudes a timeless and warm look. But, steel stairs can compare favourably with wood when it comes to sturdiness and elegance.

The popularity of steel staircases has increased of late because these stairs:

 Offer a more contemporary selection of designs and finishes
 Are extremely durable, because these stairs can last for a lifetime, which eliminates the need to replace them or give them a makeover
 Can feature a combination of materials i.e. steel stairs with clear glass balustrades, stainless-steel balustrades, steel stairs with timber handrails etc.
 Present a clear and minimalist look with the supports often concealed behind the wall finish, thereby giving the appearance of no visible support
 Are ideal for centrally spined stairs and,
 Are easy to clean and maintain