What Kinds of Designs Can You Choose from When You Select Steel Stairs?

Many people think of metallic staircases and conjure up images of rickety structures that shake each time you step on them. However, this image does not apply to stairs made of steel. As mentioned previously, steel is a lightweight, but sturdy material. As such, it can retain its solidity for years on end. It is worth mentioning that steel offers high levels of durability. In addition, it offers at least 1,000 times more strength than iron possesses. These traits, in conjunction with many others, make it highly suitable for use in the building and construction sectors. Builders have been using steel for a myriad of purposes. From the framework of a building to the frame used in your tilt windows, steel will invariably feature in a number of ways in each residential and commercial property.

In the construction industry, builders find steel considerably easy to work with. Producing steel at high precision levels is not a tough task by any means. Besides this, steel offers immense flexibility in design. As a result, it makes for a most versatile material. Similarly, when it comes to staircases, steel can be a worthwhile material. Steel staircases will not only offer you the solidity and durability that you seek. They will make quite a style statement in your home as well. However, to get the perfect steel stairs, you will need to consider various aspects and design features.

Some of the most common designs used in steel stairs comprise:

The Straight Staircase: This refers to a straight flight of stairs with no turns. People typically utilise the space beneath the stairs for storage. In some cases, you could leave the space vacant as well. This type of staircase offers a minimalist and chic look. And, if you want to tailor the look to suit your personal tastes and preferences, this is possible too. You could leave the sides of the stairs open. Or, you could frame the stairs with matching steel railings. Similarly, you could install these stairs in a floating style. Alternatively, you could place them against a wall as well.
 The Spiral Staircase: Spiralling steel staircases can be ideal if you don’t have much space to play with. During the fabrication process, the fabricators will attach open treads tightly to the support poles. This will enhance the safety and the solidity of the staircase. You could also consider personalising the spiral design of the staircase to match the theme used in your home interiors. These stairs are quite popular for their timeless and classic look.
The Curved Staircase: These staircases do not merely offer you high levels of functionality. They can serve to become the focal point of your home interiors as well. When visitors walk into your home, they will invariably notice your curved steel stairs first. You could enhance the overall appearance by adding custom steel railings to these stairs.