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Sliding Glass Doors: Are Aluminum Frames Any Good?

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Frames for sliding glass doors can be made from a variety of materials, one of which is aluminum. In fact, aluminum is one of the most popular choices for many people nowadays, and for good reasons, too.

Moisture Resistant

One of the biggest enemies of sliding glass doors frames is moisture, especially those installed in patios and verandas. Needless to say, excessive moisture can lead to irreparable damage to door frames. It can cause wooden door frames to warp and rot and leaves steel frames prone to rusting and corrosion. These are rarely—if ever—a problem for door frames made from aluminum.

High quality aluminum frames come with oxidized coating. It is this coating that provides aluminum frames for sliding glass doors with protection against corrosion. With this protection, aluminum frames are better able to withstand exposure to moisture. This in turn makes them perfect frame materials for exterior doors and even windows.

Ease of Maintenance

One thing that most people love about aluminum door frames is the ease of maintenance. Cleaning sliding glass doors with aluminum frames is rather easy, requiring only warm water and a rag. Mild detergent may be used when dealing with stubborn dirt and grime. Regular staining and painting is required to preserve the look of wood and metal frames. Aluminum frames, on the other hand, will need neither.

Beautiful and Stylish

When people hear aluminum door frames, they usually think about it having a silver-like finish. And many people actually like this finish which is so characteristic of aluminum. But don’t think that this is the only color aluminum comes in. Nowadays, aluminum frames used for sliding glass doors can be treated and painted in a myriad of colors. As such, you will have no trouble finding an aluminum frame that will match your property’s style and design.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should consider getting sliding glass doors with an aluminum frame. From durability to aesthetics, aluminum frames certainly won’t be outdone. Aluminum frames are not perfect as it does have its own flaws—as does any other door frame. However, it is one of the better options available out there at the moment.

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