It’s more than a surface lift. 

Microcement is an innovative, high-end product that is ideal when renovating floors, walls or surfaces. It can be easily personalized as it allows you to alter its colour, effect, and finish in a practical and efficient way, providing complete satisfaction. Microcement can be used to renew existing surfaces that may be out of style or damaged; it is also perfect for new buildings and surfaces – providing a minimal, continuous and modern look.

Microcement is a contemporary approach to both exterior and interior decor that is simply applied – 3 millimeters thick with strong and resilient craftsmanship – and is eco-friendly, adaptable, and open to alteration using a special compound of cement and water-based polymers to make up its unique formation. Throughout the installation, each unique project is hand done by our professionals and also allows the reduction of any debris or clutter from generally troublesome restoration work.


  • Anti-slip
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to dust and scratches
  • Resistant to light
  • Resistant to impact
  • Resistant to stain
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to abrasion



Microcement can be customized to each individual project’s requirements. Its foundation is made up of liquid polymer and a specialized cement mixture that is mixed by hand and customized on each order.


As Microcement is so diverse in nature, it radiates a modern and original appearance. There are a number of different qualities available, including a range of colours and the option of selecting a shiny, opaque or natural finish for any surface, giving your Microcement surface a personal touch.


Applying Microcement does not require any fixtures such as joints and is flexible enough to be placed in any setting or surface, ranging from floors, walls, furniture or any surface, interior or exterior, residential or commercial spaces. This advantage gives Microcement a vast use and reliable and original appearance.


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