L’Officina by Vincenzo has partnered with innovative European and Australian suppliers to give the Australian market access to luxurious and revolutionary products. We are the official partners with international brands such as PanoramAH, Microcement Workshop, Mix Legno Group, Abba Blinds and in NSW Australia, EasyGate Systems .


While traditional window systems use glass as a filler and the frame as a structural support, we work with the intrinsic characteristic of glass and give it the function of a self-supporting element, free to slide within a frame with no constraints regarding its dimensions.




For Palladio energy saving is an important value. Thus THERMIC5® was conceived, an innovative system of thermal break frames based on an articulated internal geometry, which includes up to 5 chambers with fiberglass insulation interposed between them. A non-plastic material with very high mechanical resistance which guarantees an effective break of the thermal flow and excellent noise abatement performance. The sized section can hold very thick panes of armoured or multi-chamber glass. THERMIC5® is perfect for even large openings and with minimal frame on view.




Microcement can be used to renew existing surfaces that may be out of style or damaged; it is also perfect for new buildings and surfaces – providing a minimal, continuous and modern look. Microcement is a contemporary approach to both exterior and interior decor that is simply applied – 3 millimeters thick with strong and resilient craftsmanship – and is eco friendly, adaptable and open to alteration, using a special compound of cement and water-based polymers to make up its unique formation.



L’Officina by Vincenzo, together with Biowood Australia are pleased to introduce a custom made new line offering the Biowood Louvre range.All our architectural services are completely custom, designed around your lifestyle and needs. All we need is an idea as all our architectural fenestration is ultimately based on your needs.

L’Officina’s extensive experience and craftsmanship with custom-made designs mean we build to suit any architectural, fenestration intent.



Combining sophistication and made-to-measure engineering, ABBA offers products are not only charming in the design but are also effective in terms of energy and costs. The photovoltaic system considers the complexity of design as well as aims to decrease the carbon footprint truly expanding the frontiers of urban dimension.



Applications of the Easygate System include:

    • Pool Covers
    • Security Screens
    • Wall Partitions
    • Glass/Window Panels
    • Retractable Awnings
    • Sliding Gates
    • Turntables
    • Telescopic Panels




Mix Legno provides an array of products, ranging from doors, windows, staircases, facades and wintergardens made from the highest quality of raw materials. Paying careful attention to detail means the end product blends seamlessly into the architecture, enriching its surroundings. Products finishes can be done in any kind of wood. These can vary in color and can be subjected to special treatments, such as weathering. The range of materials used for finishes includes organic and environmentally friendly options.