How Important the Stairways in Your House Actually Are

In purely architectural terms, staircases are among the strongest transition elements. They serve to connect two spaces. In many houses, the stairs typically connect different levels in the home interiors. However, in some houses, staircases could connect interior spaces to exterior ones as well. It is worth mentioning that stairs are one of the oldest architectural aspects of buildings. As such, they have played a significant role in the history of humanity. Staircases have changed or evolved with the advent of each era in history. This has only served to highlight the talent and ingenuity of the people who designed these elements at the time.


Experts opine that staircases typically respond to the type of society for which the builders constructed them. Because of this, a careful examination of stairs could help in giving people an idea of the state of architecture, arts and technology prevalent in those times. With the passage of time, some staircases have become quite famous. In some cases, they have become landmarks in many cities around the globe. In contemporary times, doors, windows and staircases have become integral parts of any residential or commercial property. Staircases, in particular, occupy a special position in architecture. As such, they could even end up overshadowing the building of which they happen to be a part of.


When it comes to the interior design or layout of any room, builders will give immense importance to the positioning of the staircase. This aspect is of critical importance. Of late, this attention has become even more pronounced, given the widespread popularity of open plan layouts used in homes and offices in contemporary times. In the past, property owners did not have a dearth of options, when it came to staircases. This is not the case at present. The straight staircase is undoubtedly one of the most common and popular kinds of staircases. But, if you find yourself fascinated by spiral staircases or stairs without risers, you could opt for those as well.


Builders are aware that different kinds of staircases can evoke different emotions for different individuals. In addition, they are aware that staircases are more than architectural elements in houses these days. People still use stairs for accessing rooms at different levels in their homes. But, staircases nowadays, can make a significant difference to the visual appeal of the room too. So, whether you choose wooden or steel staircases, your stairway could well become the centrepiece of the room.


As mentioned previously, the straight stairway is perhaps the oldest and most commonly used type of staircase. But, other kinds of staircases can have a significant effect as well. For instance, helical and elliptical staircases can astound your guests and visitors with their instant visual impact. Many people might feel that manufacturing such staircases is nigh impossible. So, to come across one in a house can be quite compelling and stunning. Similarly, stairs with floating or cantilevered treads are also quite popular. It is worth highlighting that architects, designers and stairway manufacturers expend a lot of time and effort towards creating the perfect staircase. This is why staircases nowadays are a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality.