How Can You Use Your Staircase to Create a Unique and Compelling Visual Effect?

Some decades ago, many homeowners did not know much about interior décor and all that this term encompassed. But, the arrival of the internet has transformed things significantly. Today, homeowners can read about the latest trends and updates in interior décor on a wide range of websites. In addition, the easy availability of interior design magazines and programs on television have served to raise awareness levels on the subject. As a result, homeowners today take their home interiors more seriously than was the case some decades back.

For many homeowners, doors and windows are essential elements in a house. These elements serve a wide range of purposes. It would probably be safe to say that no house will exist that does not feature any doors or windows. However, homeowners have become quite knowledgeable about the types and styles of doors and windows that houses feature these days. They are aware that doors and windows do not meet a functional requirement only. They can also serve to make a style statement, which creates a stunning visual effect. As a result, it has become quite common to spot houses featuring sash windows and various kinds of doors.

Similarly, it is worth mentioning that you could use your staircase to create a visually stunning effect on your guests. Giving your stairs, a stylish makeover is not that difficult. You could easily accomplish this in a number of ways. Some people might prefer updating the balusters. Others might prefer changing the stair treads. In case you want to replace an existing stairway with a brand new one, you could consider asking your builder to design a custom staircase. Staircase designs come in a diverse range of styles, shapes and sizes. The possibilities that this wide range of options offers can be infinite. So, you could you replace a straight staircase with a spiral one. Or, you could improve the overall appearance of the stairs by adding metallic stair rails.

To make your stairs enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors, consider:

 Varying the Width of the Stairs: Most staircases will be of equal width at the top and the bottom. To enliven things, consider building your staircase with varying widths.
 Jazzing Up the Railing: The stair railings serve to provide safety for people using the stairs. But, this does not mean that they need to run parallel to the stairs. Install vertical railings to accessorise your staircase.
 Installing a Stair Wall: A full-fledged wall on the stairs will provide optimal levels of safety. Use cut-outs to provide some levels of openness and fun on the stairs.
 Painting the Stairs: You could make your staircase more colourful by painting it. Select a colour that complements other elements in the area.
 Tiling the Stair Risers: Plain staircases will not be very attractive to look at. To enliven things a bit, you could tile your stair risers to make them exude a more graphic (and picturesque) look.
 Using a Combination of Materials: You might have a fascination for steel staircases. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use a combination of wooden and stainless-steel stairs to create an eclectic combination.
 Lighting Up the Stairs: Not all people like to switch on lights when they use the stairs at night. But, safety precautions often compel them to do so. To avoid this, add backlights beneath the stairs.