Designing Guide For Builders When Doing Home Extensions Using Horizontal Bi-fold Doors


Do you handle many home extension projects? If you come across clients who wish to extend their homes with limited budget, horizontal bi-folds doors are an excellent suggestion. Bi-folds will not only help create a spacious atmosphere, but also project a stylish home. So if your clients are after the use of bi-folds for their home extensions, we’ve rounded up a step-by-step guide as you prepare your layout.

Step 1.  Identify the space your client wants to extend.

This is the very crucial phase of a home extension project the space that your client wants to extend as it will have a huge impact on your fees as a licensed builder. The cost of materials to be used including the necessary building permit would greatly depend on this.

Step 2. Determine the size.

The next step after determining the space where an extension will be added is the size. Below are some of the things you as a professional builder will consider and discuss with your client:

Size of the garden

The size of the garden plays a major role because it will dictate the ideal extension size. For example, if your garden size is within the medium range, opting for larger extension would create an imbalance to the overall view of the house.

Indoor space 

Another factor that will also affect the size of this home extension project is the client’s indoor space. So, before drafting the proposed layout, check with your client what he or she wants to achieve. Does he or she want to add a room or extend the room’s current size by tearing down walls?

Number of bi-fold doors

If your client isn’t completely aware of the various styles of bi-fold doors like wooden horizontal bi-fold doors or sliding glass doors, you need to inform him or her that the size of this extension will determine the number of bi-folds. For a larger extension, the bi-folds design will have more doors to create more space and light. If you are working this project with an architect, get approval for the bi-folds design before having them customised.

Reason of this extension

There are many reasons for carrying out a home extension project. Again, before you plan the layout and design of the space needing enhancement, ask the client the reason behind this extension plan. If the extension is intended for long-term use, then, suggest top quality materials for bi-folds to ensure longer years of service.


Last on the list of things that could impact the outcome of a home extension using horizontal bi-fold doors is the budget. When discussing with your client the funds needed for this extension project, give an estimated cost of the possible expenses including other fees. Keep in mind, that the cost must be clear on the client’s end to avoid misunderstanding.  If the client’s budget is limited, suggest other cost-effective solutions for this home extension project.

Handling a home extension project needs careful planning with your client. For a successful home extension using horizontal bi-fold doors, disclose everything that the client needs to know like appropriate design, space, and funding.

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