Easy and Quick Installations

In many cases, custom guillotine, tilt, or sash windows (or custom made windows in general) are much easier and quicker to install compared to stock windows. This is mainly because they are made according to the specifications of the opening, thereby reducing the need for modifications during the installation. When you hire a professional contractor … Continued

Staircase as a Work of Art

Renowned architects David Walker and Peter Janks are collaborating for a beautiful property at Tivoli Avenue, Rose Bay. They approached L’Officina by Vincenzo to design a unique spiral staircase. Their vision was a challenge – to create a functional staircase with a sculpture integrated into it. Since we are passionate about bringing ideas to life, … Continued

Ease of Matching

One of the biggest issues with ordinary and stock windows is that they can be difficult to fit and match with the property’s exterior and interior design requirements. There shouldn’t be an issue when you choose to have custom guillotine, sash or tilt windows in your property. Talk to a professional window maker or contractor, … Continued

An Array of Design Options

Aside from energy efficiency, this is probably the biggest advantage of custom windows over standard or stock windows. When you have custom windows made, you’ll end up having a window that is designed and built according to your personal taste and wants. This is also true for any other installation in your property – from … Continued

Custom-made Windows

There are of course stock windows which can be bought from windows manufacturers and dealers. Although this may sound like a more convenient option, there are many different reasons why you should consider installing custom guillotine, tilt, or sash windows over them. You see, custom-built windows are built specifically according to your property’s particular needs … Continued

L’officina by Vincenzo – The Best Designers and Architects When It Comes to Using Steel in Doors and Furniture

When you need to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior and exterior spaces, don’t look beyond L’officina by Vincenzo. We specialise in committing all our efforts towards making your property enchanting and visually appealing. We know that you wouldn’t want your property to look like a dozen others in the vicinity. This is why … Continued

Beautiful Home Overlooking Hermit Bay

This gorgeous house fronting Hermit Bay embodies modern architecture with its clean and simple structural elements. It avoids ornate details and highlights the actual design and high-quality materials used. L’Officina by Vincenzo is proud of the great work we’ve done for this project with X.PACE Design Group. One of the beautiful features of this home … Continued

What Makes Steel Furniture a Great Choice for Using Outdoors?

The use of steel has become quite popular these days. From sash windows to chairs and tables, you’ll easily be able to find steel in a number of products commonly found in homes and offices. Wooden furniture might seem like a great choice for your home interiors. But, when it comes to your exterior spaces, … Continued

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