We dedicate our existence to the details of a home’s interior & exterior beauty, its exquisiteness and its ability to truly be one of a kind. At our L’Officina (Workshop in Italian) we also value the qualities of steel, a material that symbolises strength and longevity, its ability to be transformed into almost any object is not the end. The limits of designers & architects are set by traditional technical capabilities. We strive to overcome these limits, giving  Australia & New Zealand access to the latest European innovation that will allow them to simply ‘dream and create’.

The common architectural elements such as windows, stairs, walls, ramps & fences no longer remain basic details, rather they are a blank canvas with potential to be rendered into a masterpiece. A single pane of glass measuring 18m2 is no longer fashioned into any of the usual windows or doors, Rather it is crafted into a non-intrusive, aspect of a building for views like no other. Imagine a door spanning the height of two levels that possibility alone is awe-inspiring. Basically, all the glass is engineered to overcome the most common technical limits and customised to fit any space perfectly, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

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We have the capability to make the frames of windows and doors as minimal as 20mm. We can make them disappear, merging into any opening to create a truly open space for a view that is only framed by your imagination. We provide you with materials and textures, created using proven techniques that will transform any space, giving you  vibrant living areas with the fourth dimension. The holistic application of materials, design and techniques offers results that are timeless.

What you dream, we create…


Our Team


CEO:Enzo Botte

Enzo Botte has a plethora of experience in the design & manufacturing field which started 25 years ago in Italy. Over the last 15 years,he has successfully established L’Officina by Vincenzo in the Australian market. The firm caters to clients from all over the world. Enzo’s passion for exquisite design and his craftsmanship enables him to transform any projected image into the product. Leading an experienced team of project managers and architects, he is focussed on giving clients the best solutions and customising them to meet their requirements.


Our passionate architects and designers project your ideas as drawings in the pre-production phase, they conceive and edit any idea on paper before it is brought to life by our experienced craftsmen in the L’officina. Our Structural engineers ensure the stability and the durability of the product from start to finish, they are responsible for the success of the design in post-production phase, during which the product is manufactured they also monitor the delivery and installation of your steel application ensuring your satisfaction as our client.